"The art of great marketing is the science behind it."

– Melissa Wall

Welcome to Distinct Marketing, LLC where business leaders can access the marketing expertise they need, when they need it, to help their companies grow. It’s agile. It’s flexible. It’s cost-effective.

We call it Marketing-as-a-Service. This is a concept similar to software-as-a-service. It’s a way of providing business leaders with access to strategic marketing guidance for a critical period of time.

“Renting” an experienced CMO will give you the immediate marketing expertise you need to help you execute on your vision to grow market share or enter new markets. Speed, agility and customer focus are more important than ever as all manner of customers now expect a level of personalized service comparable to their experience with Amazon and Apple.

Three Questions All Senior Business Leaders Ask:

  1. Is marketing driving our business growth? What is the right approach and expectation for our firm?

  2. Are we resourced appropriately? What is the appropriate amount of marketing budget for a firm our size?

  3. What’s the ROI on the marketing spend? How should we measure results?

See Our S.M.A.R.T.™ Marketing Report

“An on-demand economy, combined with smartphone proliferation,has produced a generation of consumers that expect consistent and 24/7 service across multiple channels. In fact, 56% of business leaders describe their customer base as well-informed and/or empowered.”


We believe a Marketing Plan must align with the business goals and is always in motion. Customer data accessed by using the right marketing technology continually provides new insights into customer engagement and behavior, and the beauty of digital marketing is that it’s easily adjustable and measurable.

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