The S.M.A.R.T.TM Marketing Report

Business Leaders want to know the impact and associated cost of their marketing activities; Marketing Executives are looking for more senior leader support as well as insights into what they can do better.

The intent of the S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Report is to provide all interested parties with an outsider’s perspective of what is working well and where opportunities exist to help move the business forward.


Review internal and external resources available to support current marketing activity, and provide recommendations on resources necessary to help drive future business growth. 


Review current messaging and positioning in client-facing communications for clarity and value delivered to each market segment via website, materials, advertising, presentations, etc. Evaluate points of competitive differentiation and positioning.



Evaluate current go-to-market approach, goals and budget; review customer/prospect contact frequency, and number of touchpoints leading to a sale. Evaluate digital and traditional mediums and tactics being used to engage, educate and persuade. Evaluate how results are tracked, analyzed and used to showcase marketing ROI.


Review available primary and secondary market research to understand market trends impacting the business.  Conduct qualitative research with a sampling of clients and prospects to gain insight into customer experience and market perception


Assess current use of marketing technology and recommend options to create efficiency, automate communications, and track results. 


The Results

You will receive valuable insight into the impact of your marketing activities and spend.  Your report:

  • identifies marketing strengths and opportunities as well as any potential gaps in business goal alignment, timing, resources and execution capability
  • evaluates clarity of messaging in client-facing communications across multiple mediums and compares to top competitors
  • provides staffing and resource analysis
  • outlines findings from the client and prospect discussions (qualitative research)
  • offers recommendations for future action

This report also serves as a valuable baseline, against which you can determine next steps, set new goals, and measure progress.